Sunday, August 02, 2009

Brevity is the soul of wit

The pressure of keeping it short has lead to a disappearing blog.
I will be back after learning the art of brevity.

Word of the week - Intense

Intense work. Intense stress.
Intense stress. Intense partying.
Intense partying. Intense stress.

Intense loop.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Australian Open Finals - 2009

To break down. To show you really care about winning . To sob in front of a crowd of 15 K and millions worldwide and continue after regaining composure to say ' I don't want to have the last word 'coz THIS man deserves it '. To conclude by saying ' I'll see you guys next year ' and make it sound like a promise - confident and dignified.

That's Roger Federer.

The man who endears himself to you even when he plays a dismal fifth set in the Australian Open Finals. The man who makes you admire him for his skills on court and adore him for his graciousness off court. The man who can make his opponent put an arm around him and respect his greatness, for history bears testimony to his finesse.

That's Roger Federer.

Friday, January 16, 2009

When the cat's away the mouse will dance. Or will they?

This week has been excruciatingly busy for me. Was glued to my seat the whole time I was in office. Got a lot of work done and felt good at the end of each day. Self satisfaction level - very high.

As a side story, my boss was out on a business trip this whole week. Now, he's one of the the nicest person I've worked with but as nice as he is , the brat in me can't help but rub hands in glee each time he's out of office!! His absence spells FREEDOM!! No eagle eyes burning into the back of my head . Literally (his cube is right behind mine) .

It's so ironical that he's back in office today and, I am feeling painfully laid back with no desire to fractionize my energy into work.

Shouldn't it have been the other way around - Boss around, work hard. Boss out, party ?
Corporate dunce - me.
Uh Oh - He was here. The boss.
Uh Uh Uh Oh!!! He just read this post. Shittttttt!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Examination Hysteria - Flashback of a Flush

I was ready to LOL after reading this news piece when suddenly empathy kicked in and my first day of Grade X examination came to mind. Our examination centre was at a different school campus, the subject was HINDI, and yours truly was truly a bundle of nerves. Palpitation, parched throat, sweaty palms ... all the classic symptoms.

While I'm no Kalidas in Hindi, getting decent grades wasn't really an impossible task , but the nerves ... they probably had reasons to believe otherwise! The Hindi teacher came up to my desk looking concerned, bent down and whispered into my ears in Hindi : ' None of my students have ever done badly. Please don't set a precedence.'
So much for encouragement !

Result day : I scored 54 / 100 !! That's a long way from 'Barely passed' ... that's scoring more 50%!! 'Chaupan Prateeshat'.

Also earned a 'THANK YOU' (or was it thank GOODNESS!) smile from my teacher.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Can't believe I've never tweeted!

I want to catch up and keep pace.

I want my friends to know every single detail of every minute of my life. Don't want to keep any secrets, like sneezing and not telling anyone.

I want to microblog (just learned this word) .

I want to tweet.

More stuff on it here.


My shot at fame and glamour

A friend sent an email some time back saying he wanted to enter this shot for a contest.

I haven't heard from him since.

One chance at entering the glam world and he goes AWOL on me. Hrmph.

There should be some kind of cosmic limit on how much body insecurity the universe can handle

Saw a young girl, in her early teens is my guess, preen in front of the dressing room mirror at Nordstorm today looking mighty un - pleased with a dress she had on. Reason - it didn't conceal the fat on her arms. Now, it averages a freakin' 110F here in Scottsdale and she was adamant that her mom bought her a longer-sleeved 'summer' frock. Not sure what they finally ended up buying.

Ok, who am I kidding. I am a sucker for well-fitting clothes (a new addiction) too. But seeing somebody that young being so particular about the yet-to-vanish baby fat made me wonder if that was normal. I would have totally understood if she'd wanted low necklines and high hemlines. Some boobage and legs to flaunt, hey why not! You got it you flaunt it. Oh, I digress.

Coming back to Missy, I am not able to decide if it's alright to be conscious about fat, figure, calories and such from such an early age.

Maybe it is. She'll grow up w/o having to feel embarrassed about ever wearing baggy 6-pocket jeans and red stonewashed over sized shirt which she thought looked 'cool'. Sigh ... why did I have to bring up a painful reminder of my past!

Maybe it adds unnecessary pressure on young teens. It's hard enough trying to focus on your studies, games, pranks, developing feminine wiles, boyfriends and the likes.

Maybe I should care less about what they care about and push my shopping cart to the footwear section and buy the 4" blue pumps to address my vertical challenge.